Accesskeys that aren't

31 August, 2007

My work webmail is provided by IMP.

This bit is wildly wrong but is what I saw for a variety of Greasemonkey-related reasons.

Like Gmail it provides keyboard shortcuts for just about everything you might want to do with an email. Unfortunately, like Gmail, instead of just adding real accesskeys it uses JavaScript to interrupt key events and see if they match any of the IMP pre-set ones.

Compounding this is that the keystrokes IMP recognises as shortcuts are all ALT+, which is not only exactly the same as most default accesskey implementations (but without the accessibility benefits), but one of the ones it recognises is ALT+D, which in Internet Explorer and Firefox has been a shortcut for “address bar” for at least a decade.

In IMP it deletes the mail you’re reading.

Thanks, IMP!

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