I need awesomebar everywhere

For the past six months or so I’ve been using the Autocomplete Manager for Firefox. From my perspective, it’s what has inspired AwesomeBar. The problem is that I only had it installed at work. At home I was happy to struggle on with plebianbar.

Since I upgraded all my Firefox installations to use the latest beta, I have had a serious problem – neither Windows Explorer nor Nautilus implement the same “find the location quickly” feature that awesomebar encapsulates. This means that at least three times a day, I find myself typing a fraction of a disk location into a file explorer window and being confronted with absolutely nothing. In a worst-case scenario I hit ENTER so early that I get back a page of search results before I can amend it to be an absolute location; maybe this is actually a best-case scenario – it’s unsatisfactory in any case.

I seriously need AwesomeBar in my file explorers.

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