All BBC programmes have a QR code

Want an easy way to pass around a long and hard-to-remember URL for a BBC programme?bbc-qrcode

As of six months ago, and apparently unadvertised, the BBC started providing QR codes for every page in their /programmes section – just add /qrcode to any existing /programmes link.

The page for recent episodes of Doctor Who is and so the QR code is available on – the same holds true for individual episodes.

Members of the Future Media and Technology group have blogged about it here and here.

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3 thoughts on “All BBC programmes have a QR code”

  1. Hi Phil – Not a comment but just a way to contact you! If you are interested in QR Codes please take a look at which is an online magazine devoted to 2d barcodes. If you think it is appropriate please let your readers know abot the magazine in one of your future posts. Thank you and regards – Roger
    P.S. We broke the BBC story over six months ago!

  2. Thanks very much Roger. I had seen, and the fact that you broke the news, but thought it worth mentioning again!

  3. launched over two months ago and as well as having news and videos based around QR codes the site also creates both a URL and SMS QR Code for you using data from your user profile. A member forum has also been set up for members to exchange ideas. There are instructions on the site on how to set up a free mobile website to link to your QR Code and the service is free.

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