A bit of politics

21 September, 2008

It was interesting earlier today to watch Charles Clarke and John Prescott on the BBC’s Politics Show talking about the future of Gordon Brown and the Labour party. On hand Charles Clarke is a Brown sceptic and wants there to be a leadership contest to take us into the next European and General elections whilst John Prescott argues this would take too long and lead to defeat in those same elections so the Labour party should rally around Brown for the next two years until the General election is won. Both want the Labour party to win the next election so hearing from the both was quite educational – far more so than the usual Labour vs. Conservative debates.

The whole thing can be watched on the website (for now at least).

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22 September, 2008 at 10:56

Little Matt told me about 2 months ago that the only way that Gordon Brown can win is for him to find Madaline McCain, and I agree with that. The problem is he didn’t call a general election when he first became prime minister. Retrospectively he should have called one the moment he took the premiership, instead he waited until the opposition called for one, so he couldn’t call one without conceding. Labour still would have had a better chance then. It seems like the media is much less enchanted with Gordon Brown than it was by Tony Blair. Did he forget to go and see Rupert Murdoch? Why is he not complaining too and scaring the BBC about their negative coverage of him?

I don’t think Labour can win in the next elections whatever they do, they have to take some losses and try to recover from them. It would be political suicide for either of the above to talk openly about the fact they will lose, but I think that is the reality, they really need try and save their own seats.

I think it will be very bad for Labour if Gordon Brown stepped aside for the next candidate, they have a chance to show how strong they are by forcing him to step down. However I don’t see anyone Brave enough to step forwards to try and defeat Blair-Wannabe David Cameron.

I want to see the end of the pointless factions in party politics, we need to have more independent candidates, or at least some who can resist the main views of their parties?!

I think the current lot are beyond contempt, how can they make a law which allows the police to hold someone without charging them for 28 days or longer? Or deporting citizens to another country without any evidence needing to be presented here?