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People complain a lot that users don’t understand about OpenID logins booting them to another website to authenticate.

Don’t Google already do this with Blogger and Yahoo with Flickr? That is to say: don’t tens of millions of people do this regularly already?

I mean, what’s the big difference? I know there are other usability complaints/problems, but this one sounds eerily like a straw man to me.

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One thought on “OpenID usability”

  1. I think the Blogger/Google and Flickr/Yahoo experiences are slightly different because the user experiences it as staying on one Web site (more or less in the second case – they still see a Flickr “house style” and logo on the Yahoo/Flickr login page, rather than logging in on a page with a quite different look/feel).

    I think the Paypal experience is maybe closer to the OpenID one?

    Having said that, I tend to agree with your point that this doesn’t seem like the major usability challenge for OpenID.

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