In a few days I’ll be twenty-nine. Herewith my personal shaving rules:

  • shaving in the shower is better than shaving in the sink
  • shaving oil is better than shaving foam
  • a blade for a disposable razor (I use the Gillette Mach3) will only give four good, close shaves
  • electric razors (I have a Remington R710 diamond) can only give you two results:
    • close shave with huge razor-burn
    • day-old stubble with no razor-burn

What about you, readers? What are the top shaving tips you wish you’d had a decade ago?

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  1. I’d recommend old fashioned shaving soap, in a bowl, applied with a brush. They last about a year, so it’s worth spending about £6 on a good one.

  2. IME shaving soap is about as good as oil. I’ve been using King of Shave gel lately – not quite as close as the really expensive oil but it doesn’t blunt the blades as quickly. I’ve been considering alternatives for when my Mach 3 gives up and I’m tempted to try a classic double edged razor. Could end badly.

  3. Ah yes, I meant to say that – I use King of Shaves oil and love it to bits. So long as you’re not going for a cut-throat you’re probably OK!

  4. I’m lucky enough to have my girlfriend making her own cosmetic.

    So she makes me shaving soap, then as Julien, applied with a brush, and shaving is now a pleasure 😀


  5. To me, the best experience in shaving is when shaved by my barber in barbershop. Dunno the kinda foam he use, but I love it. Unfortunately,I enjoy it only once in a month. My daily shaving usually in a sink and in a hurry.

  6. I use this Philishave.

    You get to shave in the shower with an electric(!) one and no razor burn. Of course these will never be as “good” a shave as manual blades (are you that obsessed with being smooth skinned?), but the convenience and speed wins.

  7. I think there’s a smoothness vs. time issue for me. I reckon it takes about 8 minutes or so for an electric shave, which gives me a one-day stubble look, probable razor burn and the odd missed long hair bizarrely jutting out of my face (typically somewhere on my neck), and about 15 mins for a wet shave which leaves you totally smooth.

  8. Ah, but the whole point of the Phillishave is that you don’t get razor burn because of the Nivea balm that it dispenses onto your skin as you shave.

    I can attest to that.

  9. How much commission do you get? 🙂

    I do remember looking at that one now and thinking “hey that looks great – but wait, holy crap those nivea packs are expensive!”

  10. Yeah, that is it’s downfall but you’d pay pretty much the same for new disposables. It’s supposed to last you 3 months but I don’t use as much of it as they suggest.

  11. Me and my boy friend have been using PrivaShave and PowerShave and it has done wonders for the razor burn and razor bumps caused by in grown hairs.

    They are inexpensive post shave treatments, something like $13 for a 4 oz bottle. You can read some more info at

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