Ruby and memcached in Bristol

22 April, 2009

I have rather hastily promised to do a talk about memcached at the Bristol Ruby User Group meetup on Thursday evening (we’ll start after 6pm at the Jiva offices, see the map, no need to know about ruby or memcached in advance!).

As ever, this event is on Upcoming.

There’s a pub next door which I plan on visiting both before and afterwards, and I also want someone to guide me through the capabilities of Passenger (specifically, with nginx) as well as showing me why all my code is horribly wrong. Come along!

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Chu Yeow
02 July, 2009 at 17:05

Hi Phil, glad to have “re-found” your blog as I was going through pruning some of my older blog posts. Awesome to see that you’re playing around with some of the same stuff I am (ruby, memcached, CouchDB, git) 🙂

12 July, 2009 at 18:22

Hi Chu Yeow, good to hear from you! You’ll also be glad to hear that I’m still one of the microscopic number of your loyal readers 🙂