Importing Nokia podcast subscriptions into Google Reader

Exporting the list of podcasts

  1. load the podcasting application, mark all items and hit “send -> bluetooth”. Contrary to what you might expect, this will send an OPML file listing your subscriptions to your PC

Edit the list ready for import

  1. Open your new Podcasting.opml file in a text editor
  2. Find/replace all instances of url= with xmlUrl=
  3. Immediately after the opening <body> tag put <outline title="podcasts" text="podcasts">
  4. Just before the closing </body> tag put </outline>
  5. (I also duplicated all the text=”blah” attributes with title=”blah” but I don’t know if this is actually necessary)

Import the list of podcasts

The Google Reader Import/Export page
The Google Reader Import/Export page
  1. load Google Reader
  2. Click “Settings” in the top right
  3. Go to the Import/Export tab
  4. Find your Podcasting.opml file and upload!

You should now find that you have a new folder called “podcasts” in your google reader containing all the podcasts from your Nokia device.

Even nicer – if you make the folder public (Settings -> Folders and Tags) you can import the OPML from Google Reader directly into other applications by giving the URL where USERID is the long number in the URL of the “view public page” link next to your public podcasts folder in Settings -> Folders and Tags.

Google Reader view public page section
Google Reader view public page section

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2 thoughts on “Importing Nokia podcast subscriptions into Google Reader”

  1. Thanks for helpful article, I actually use this the other way round, I added my podcasts tag in google reader to Nokia Podcasting as a Podcast Directory. Now when I add a podcast I dont have to type in the url, just add it to google reader and it will appear in the directory 🙂

    1. Yeah, once I’d got them out in the first place, I did the same thing and added the directory in Nokia Podcasts. For what it’s worth though, the podcast subscription dialog in the Podcasting app is quite happy to accept tinyurl-style URLs so I rarely typed full podcast URLs, just short versions and then let the web work its magic on them!

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