5 thoughts on “Tracking my life”

  1. i gave up twitter some time last year. the only reason I ever miss it is when a friend who is _only_ on twitter says something I want to reply to. My set of ‘twitter only’ friends is, happily, dwindling.

  2. Yeah I remember you saying that it was the worst platform for conversations and that you’d be on Facebook if anyone needed you. I still hate facebook too much to switch to that though, so it pretty much looks like I’m opting out of micro-blogging altogether.

  3. Can’t disagree with that. FWIW I ended up hacking the scuttle core so that scuttle is my primary bookmarking tool and posts to delicious in the background. I need to sort out my Twitter backups/secondary posting, and I have no idea what to do with Facebook. It’s where the family is and hence is a small silo of data.

    I should blog more.

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