Plus worries

So, I’m in on that whole Google+ thing, and my experiences of 2007 are coming back to haunt me. It’s like some kind of existential self-doubt: if my social network accounts are shut down, was I ever there? Did I ever have those memories? Did people reply to me in the way I remember? Are my social connections in the state I think they are?

On a more practical note, at least now all of my photos (which go to both Facebook and Flickr and now Plus depending on topic) are all backed up at an off-site location. The same can’t be said for the Facebook wall posts, although I do use the "Download your information" feature to take infrequent data dumps. Twitter is pretty much dead to me, so although I have historical backups, I’m don’t plan on taking any more.

Related to all this, I feel sad that my son will likely grow up in a world where licensing content will be more normal than owning it, which reminds me of this story.