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Forgotten predictions

03 July, 2011 - 17 words
September 2008: I look forward to the first Linux build which runs Chrome as its window manager.

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Chrome learnings

30 March, 2011 - 67 words
Things I have learned from the AMA with three Chrome devs: about:flags – “Enable better omnibox history matching” (gives you awesomebar-like features, dev channel only)

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05 February, 2011 - 273 words
In my attempts to find better ways of getting long-form content onto my Kindle to read offline, I’ve mainly been using two tools: Instapaper and the Later On Kindle Chrome extension. Instapaper has great formatting, and repeated delivery works like a new iss...

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Google Chrome

03 September, 2008 - 73 words
(because one more whiny blogger’s opinion can’t hurt) nice, fast. I see ad people a single google doc in an application window feels nicer than the Prism alternative masses of the standard Firefox keyboard shortcuts work find-as-you-type requires CTRL+F find-as-you-type doesn’t select links

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