Raspberry Pi, my media centre at last

14 September, 2012

my raspberry pi is here

My Raspberry Pi has arrived, and not only is it one of the nice new rev2 hardware revisions, it’s also been manufactured in the UK, which if you’ve followed their trials, you’ll realise is a big deal.

Anyway, mine is here, and one short hunt for a spare SD card later I’d got the installation of RaspBMC, a port of XBMC, started. It took probably about ten minutes to complete, with no intervention from me.

Then I SSHd in (the default username is ‘pi’ and the password ‘raspberry’), and set about installing get_iplayer using these instructions. I had to also install make and gcc before rtmpdump would build but other than that it all worked perfectly. I plugged in my 500GB hard drive and I now have something which:

Next step will be to get a suitable case. Maybe something custom etched?

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Tim Allen
17 September, 2012 at 10:08

Surely the best case is always the traditional Lego case! That’s what my Pi is encased in!

17 September, 2012 at 21:31

I don’t have much plain lego, otherwise it’d be a dead cert, it’s all propping up my Star Wars diorama! My lego t-rex is currently being a stand for my Galaxy S3!