Brick wall

15 October, 2015

So I wanted to parse the feed I retrieved yesterday, and now I know a bit more about how the package system works, I just search NuGet and found SimpleFeedReader

$ dnu install SimpleFeedReader

At this point Visual Studio Code prompts me that it needs to run the restore command, so I click the button and in theory SimpleFeedReader becomes available from my code.

In theory anyway. In practice it doesn’t look like it works in .NET Core, so I decided to try and use the System.XML.XPath package to parse the feed myself, but after a few hours of trying to include the dependencies in package.json correctly, I simply couldn’t do it and ended up going to install Visual Studio. I feel very disappointed about this – I was hoping I could treat .NET as just another language – I don’t need a specialised editor to be able to write small scripts in almost any other language, but the docs around .NET Core just aren’t there. Hopefully I will be able to use Visual Studio to work out what I was getting wrong.

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