Full fat

15 December, 2016

8 years ago The Guardian proudly announced that they were providing full-text feeds of, well, everything:

Today rolled out a major upgrade to the RSS feeds. Our feeds now contain the full content of each article so that you can take with you wherever you prefer to get your news.

Fast-forward back to today and not only do they not provide the full content of articles in their feeds (those clickthroughs and ad impressions being all-important), but not even their developer blog has been spared. This is pretty disappointing.

My first thought was to run it through the nice full-text RSS feed creator at but it looks like The Guardian have asked them to not allow this for their domain (damn those ads!). Luckily there are still tools out there which will convert their truncated feed into full text for me, so I was saved from having to write the relevant dozen lines of code myself, although maybe that was the point, eh developer blog?

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Gareth Simpson
16 December, 2016 at 16:35

You have to understand that it’s just you and me using RSS at this point.

08 January, 2017 at 21:25

Well, there are a fair few people I know going back to RSS, but obviously that’s a small self-selected group. I think that number will see a small increase as more people realise that Twitter is just a pit of people screaming at each other.

Your comment has also taught me that my comment notifications don’t work. I’ll go fix that.