Week 2: horses

  • Hatches Open, Station Crew Expands to Six
  • Jo Whiley had an awesome interview with Skin from Skunk Anansie earlier in the week; one of my favourite broadcasters with an incredible singer and a great playlist.
  • I started playing Trine 4 and it is charming, very pretty, and so far it’s low effort and I love it.
  • I have 2 kids and each week one gets The Beano and the other gets The Phoenix – both comics are well loved in this house. They are both brilliant in different ways and I recommend them both.
  • The latest Morrigan Crow book by Jessica Townsend, Hollowpox, is out!
  • I spent some of my time this week smashing my face into custom Middleman templates. It was not fun, especially when they work differently (or not at all) on different platforms. Didn’t we solve these problems ten years ago?
  • Like so many other office workers I’m working from home at the moment, in particular from a desk in my living room which looks out of the front window. Because of where we live, most days I get to watch horses walk past my house whilst I’m in a meeting, as people learn to ride. It’s awesome.

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