Week 3: cheesy bread

  • This week has mostly been brought to you by Marks and Spencer’s Extra Mature and Red Leicester cob. Deeeeelicious.
  • My son is playing Undertale all the time. I think he’s on his 10th or 11th playthrough. When he’s not playing, he’s listening to the soundtrack.
  • I am still playing Trine 4, which is absolutely beautiful, very charming, and only slightly challenging, which is just how I like my games in 2020.
  • I have read The Maltese Falcon. It is noir with a capital-N, having a manipulative, selfish antihero who is completely lacking in human empathy.
  • Leaves are falling off the fig tree in scores, which means it is now officially autumn.
  • Friday was an INSET day, so I found myself eating flapjacks, drinking tea and listening to Radio 2 whilst my kids played a boardgame upstairs. Hello middle age and middle class.
  • SpaceX have now made 100 successful flights.
  • It’s now half-term, my family is all at home whilst I am, so there are some fun meeting backgrounds for other people to enjoy I’m sure, but for me, I’ll just enjoy not having to make packed lunches every night!

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