Week 5: wet windows

  • I hate condensation. Everything gets wet. You can’t see out of windows. It’s rubbish.
  • I finished Trine 4! I loved it, even though the very end was a little underwhelming.
  • My daughter made a cake! A Titanic cake! We are now half-way through eating it and it is looking like a slightly more lifelike representation than we originally intended.
  • As of writing this, I’ve not listened to it, and I have very mixed feelings about Paxman, but his first four interviewees on his new podcast seem strong.
  • I am thinking about playing King’s Quest VI
  • Orion is now visible late at night. In a month or so it will hang directly opposite my front door. It is a trusty friend in the winter.
  • I bought Townscaper when it came out, and I’ve been following its creator Oskar on Twitter for years, and it’s a brilliant stress reliever. I hadn’t played it for a few weeks and it’s awesome to see the new updates that have come out, and that unlike my real house, my town hasn’t got covered in dust and spiders when I haven’t touched it for a while.
  • My son’s Lego Mario expansion sets arrived and in fairness, they’re pretty cool, and the app that contains the instructions for each set also has some rebuild plans for merging sets, which is nice, in case you’re not good at improvising, which he’s not.

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