Week 6: addiction

  • Dear neighbours: starting your DIY on our shared bedroom wall at 8am on Sunday morning is Just Not Right.
  • The Queen’s Gambit was bloody excellent. Wonderfully made, shot and styled throughout. A joy to watch.
  • Paper Mario and the Origami King is my new low-tension story-progression game.
  • I have started reading Ivanhoe, and am feeling pretty bad for the Saxons.
  • It is very muddy now autumn is here, yet very few cyclists I see have a rear mudguard and so they are all wearing a single-stripe uniform on their backs.
  • Africa has a land area of 30 million square miles. Probably once every two years I go to whichever site is still up to play with map projections but I do love Visualizing the True Size of Africa
  • In three weeks my eBay account will be 19 years old. 19! I have bought 44 items in that time, or an average of 2.3 items per year. I have never used it to sell anything.
  • I think I might crack in my need to play Wind Waker again but since my Wii U is in the loft, it may have to be the GameCube version on the Dolphin emulator (using the Hypatia texture pack to make it a bit closer to the Wind Waker HD graphics).

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