Week 7: Christmas lists

  • It’s that time of year! My daughter has actually hounded us for a copy of the Argos catalogue to look through, but pending the arrival of the Book of Dreams she’s had to make do with the Argos and Smyths websites and seems to be setting her ambitions pretty high. I’ve heard her muttering about “a 26 inch narwhal” in alarming tones.
  • My son is asking for a skateboard for Christmas. For a boy who broke his toe just by walking around the house, he is also setting his ambitions high.
  • Oh no. The Arecibo telescope is going to be dismantled. What would Ellie Arroway do?
  • I’m looking to buy a new coat for winter, and despite recommendations, I shan’t be buying anything from The North Face. Where possible I now buy berghaus.
  • I’m still making my way through Ivanhoe. A certain yeoman by the name of Locksley has made an appearance. Ivanhoe was was published in 1819, is set in 1194, and Wikipedia says that the first clear reference to Robin Hood was in 1370. It’s an education all-around.

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