Week 10: tractors

  • We are nearly at the Christmas holidays! Come on people, you can make it!
  • We took our daughter to see Father Christmas making his way down a nearby road, on a sleigh being pulled by a tractor. We are in the west country, after all.
  • As part of my “classics I’ve never read” series I am reading Little Women. I like the story, and the writing, but each time we get a homily about how hard work, modesty and gratitude are all that’s┬áneeded to succeed in life, I want to push the mother off a cliff. Let’s see her get out of that with just a Protestant work ethic.
  • Did I mention my daughter now owns a singing Christmas jumper? This is what 2020 has reduced me to.
  • I am still very much enjoying the Something Rhymes with Purple podcast. Great lightweight listening and learning.This week two lovely pieces of art have made me happy. The first is watching Tony Hart drawing with pastels and the second is Watercolor by Shibasaki as he paints a tree. Both videos are so relaxing to watch and inspirational in their approach.
  • I am also enjoying Star Wars: Squadrons, a direct descendent of X-Wing, which I played as a teen. Pew pew pew!

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