Week 9: decorative

  • Our Christmas tree is up! My daughter may actually explode with excitement before Christmas arrives but hopefully she’ll hold on for the next 4 weeks.
  • She is half way through dividing her epic Christmas list into three categories: “don’t really need”, “can wait until my birthday” and “can’t wait – ask father Christmas”
  • We have loads of ice lollies in our freezer left over from summer (and some from the summer before). It is now my mission to eat them all before 2021.
  • Apparently this is the time of year that I start singing East-17’s “Stay” non stop til January.
  • I have introduced my son to Worms Armageddon. I can think of no finer way of reliving my own gaming experiences of 1995.
  • I would love to export all the photos people have added to a particular on Facebook which I have liked. On looking at the Facebook API this does not seem possible. Solutions on a postcard please.

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