Week 13: giant robots double feature!

Welcome to space year 2021! A bumper issue this week because I missed last week due to *gestures all around* all this.

  • Our favourite Christmas presents were an Entry Grade Gundam, a plush narwhal and a burrito blanket.
  • We watched the despecialised version of the original Star Wars trilogy and enjoyed it a huge amount. I don’t think we’ll bother with the pre and sequels.
  • On Christmas day the kids read out a story they’d written for us, which was pretty adorable.
  • I heinously pulled a muscle in my back, leading to rather less engagement with the Christmas season than normal, and leading to much screaming in the middle of the night.
  • It has pretended to snow several times, but not actually done it – disappointing!
  • My son now has a skateboard; maybe wet and icy weather isn’t the ideal time to learn to skateboard?
  • Three of the 4 people in my house go to school every day, and now that schools are closed to all but vulnerable children, we have 3 people at home on near-constant video calls. Which makes me suddenly very glad of that Powerline purchase.
  • The Christmas break was very welcome, and I could happily have many many weeks a year not working.
  • Johanna Rothman has finished her Modern Management Made Easy book trilogy – for me these are an easy day one purchase, since I’ve read some of her other books and they’ve been brilliant. Johanna also regularly talks at events (although mostly on American timezones) and will be on the panel of the “Future of Agile” hosted by The Future of Work Scotland on 3 Feb 2021.

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