Week 16: cake

  • Last weekend we had PIZZA and then a PARTY, it was great! Some very welcome relaxation very different to our normal merging of weekdays and weekends.
  • On Sunday there was SNOW! We got out the sledges, and built snowmen, and frankly it was BLOODY BRILLIANT. More snow days please!
  • Daylio tells me I unlocked a secret achievement last week: Emotional Rollercoaster, which means I used all 5 mood ratings in one week. This is due to a) PARTY and b) MY GODDAMN BACK rather than anything actually terrible. I have been recording entries in Daylio for 983 straight days and it really serves more as a quick personal blog than anything else for me. It has CSV and PDF export, so I really ought to do something with that content (I wrote ~18,000 words over 411 entries in 2020).
  • Having seen Arietty several times, I am reading The Borrowers to my daughter. I loved it when I was young, but for a book that was only written in 1952 there are a surprisingly large number of words I don’t know, mostly relating to types of furniture or home decoration. There is a new animated series in production.
  • I have always used Hugo for static site generation because I like the single binary approach, but the docs and config have always left me cold. I will be checking out another French author, Zola, as a replacement – the docs look clearer, even if the templating looks similar. Middleman is what we use at work, and isn’t too bad to set up, but seems excessive to run in places I don’t already have Ruby running.
  • I have never found an adequate desktop replacement for Picasa; everyone in our house syncs their photos to Dropbox, so our photos are there rather than Google Photos, but the native Dropbox offerings for handling photos have been getting worse and worse over time to the point where I’m rethinking my subscription. It’s possible that in a year or so PhotoStructure running in a Docker container on a Synology NAS might be my solution for local hosting and management of all my photos (with some offsite storage as well) – I do hope so.

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