Week 21: Going outside (and playing with Lego)

  • Because it’s so much warmer, and the evenings are so much longer, I managed to get out of the house more than once during the week instead of just walking between a single-digit number of rooms. Novel! I even got out on my bike, which was a massive relief – more of this to come I hope.
  • In a break from getting killed by Theseus and the Minotaur in Hades, I have picked up Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 again, which I think I haven’t played for 18 months because I got bored, but it serves as a nice, mindless plod forward with some fun parts (Asgardians do also not know what covfefe is, assuming it to be a Midgardian beverage). The Season Pass with a load of add-on packs was on sale for £3 so I picked up that, and now I can be Thanos and remake the universe as I see fit. Wonderful.
  • The kids are back to school next week, and although the schools will also being doing them, we are also now equipped with our own lateral flow tests. What joy!
  • This also means that I will be back to being on my own in the house during the day whilst working from home – because I left my last job at the end of Feb 2020, not starting the next until May 21, it also means it’s now been more than 12 months since I last had a workplace other than my living room.
  • I am slowly plodding my way through Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312. I think it thinks it’s avant-garde in some way, but it already feels anachronistic, and I’m really struggling to get through it, but my kindle tells me I’m at 80% so I’ll stick it out to the end.
  • I bullied my daughter into completing the Lego Hidden Side set she’s had half-built in the living room since last summer, which she completely resented until she’d finished and then had a great time using the app to hunt the ghosts and be hunted herself (although we did have to turn the “creepy” music off!”). 

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