Week 24: Paper and glass

  • We are at 12 months since the first Coronavirus Lockdown in the UK. What an absolute joy.
  • I have started reading Doomsday Book by Connie Willis on my Kindle. It is about pandemics. It is rattling along very nicely thank you (later addition: finished it! Really liked it).
  • I have again been searching for a decent desktop Windows RSS reader which uses Feedly as its feed+read/unread source, and not just another tab. I can’t find one. Whilst I could write something that technically meets these goals I am under no illusions about whether I would then want to actually use it.
  • I made an error in a previous update – because the World Book Day vouchers are sponsored by National Book Tokens, and bookshop.org accepts National Book Tokens, I had thought that the world book day vouchers were usable on bookshop.org – no matter how I tried it, I could not make this work. With all bookshops closed and our own limited access to supermarkets at the moment we ended up not getting any of the special World Book Day books, but instead contributed to the Jamie Smart retirement fund as usual.
  • When we order books online we use hive.co.uk – this is a British company who have been around for about 10 years; more recently the American Bookshop.org have launched in the UK – they both seem to offer 10% of what you pay to local bookshops you choose (although I think Hive offer 10% of net value, and Bookshop.org offer 10% of gross value).
  • Otherwise a quiet week. I got a flat tyre and couldn’t find my tyre levers to change the inner tube. So annoying. New ones are in the post!

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