Week 26, 27, 28 – Easter et al.

  • You’d think that having missed the previous two weeks of weeknotes, I’d have a lot to add. This is not true – it was Easter half term and so we were taking it easy, and this included dropping the weeknote schedule. 
  • I am reading The Manningtree Witches about the witch hunts and trials of the mid 1600s; the overall tone, and my pace of reading, dropped when I realised it was based on real people and real events. Horrifying. 
  • I hate the Javascript-only nature of Google Groups with the heat of a thousand suns – the routines it uses for unpainting off-screen content are terrible and the fact there doesn’t seem to be a way of viewing any posting but the first in a conversation without using JS is really awful.
  • Trying out Bitwarden has worked out really well for me, and I think I’ll be switching over to that from LastPass – not because of some of the complaints that have been going on, but because I think the product is better.
  • Similarly, I think my Flickr Pro account will be biting the bullet at some point in the relatively near future; I signed up in 2004 (17 years ago!) and have paid for it for most of that time. Flickr was the source of a huge number of excellent people, places and events for me in my 20s, and maybe the SmugMug acquisition has already brought it back to life, but I am just past caring, and past needing to care about old photos stored in yet another place online. I have done my data export, and my Pro will expire in Jan 2022 at which point all but the latest 1,000 photos will get automatically deleted.

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