Week 29: bees and blood

  • Our apple tree is in full bloom and full of industrious bees, and so when I’ve needed a brief respite from home working I have been able to walk out into the garden, and sit under the tree with blossom falling down around me – absolutely blissful!
  • I learned more than I wanted to this week about the Windows Subsystem for Linux and how it mounts filesystems. A separate post about that I think.
  • My house move might be happening in a few weeks’ time, and so I’m looking around me at the catastrophic amount of STUFF everywhere and trying hard not to panic.
  • I need a new mattress.
  • I have bought a new LaserJet printer. Get into the sea, deskjet ink cartridges priced more per ml than unicorn blood!
  • I am booked in for my first covid jab next week! That is exciting, and I’m genuinely surprised at how quickly it’s come around. Many thanks to the Can I Get Jabbed? Twitter account, which notified me before the NHS did, and thus before all the spaces at my closest centres filled up.
  • I am playing AER Memories of Old on my Switch, because it is relaxing. You should play it too.

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