Free your mind

07 March, 2024

The absolute best thing about being able to hand over my Head of Software Engineering role to the wonderful Steve Newstead in favour of being a roving problem-solver (currently: incident management processes, procurement workflows, monitoring and alerting, line management coaching) has been the colossal amount of mental capacity it has freed up outside of work hours.

This means I have the space to do things like a) write this blog! b) write code! and most importantly c) read!

This means a resurrection of my feed-reading habits for a start (more on that another time) but also that when people I know and respect post linklogs I have time to actually plough through some of that material they’re sharing, and then read the links out from there as well!

I am always desperate to learn something new and interesting – it is my favourite dopamine hit. Whether it’s about strategy implementation, the differences in people’s visual imaginations, or services that “check for link rot in real-time, and fall back to the Internet Archive to restore broken links”, I love it all.

I’ll be off to my next contract soon, at which point work will be consuming all my spare mental cycles once again, so it’s a pleasure to try and make the most of my brain whilst I’ve got it to myself!

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