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Art and science

15 March, 2024 - 295 words
I open a lot of tabs. A lot. Maybe as many as you. Every now and then I have to plough through them and close down stuff I’ve either dealt with, bookmarked, or just forgotten why I opened it in the first place. I’ve given up doing this on my phone where my Firefox tab count is permanently ∞ (literally). So here are some interesting tabs I’ve had open this week:

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Getting art from the National Gallery into Animal Crossing: New Horizons

26 April, 2020 - 396 words
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a good game to play during the Great Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020. Even without the bits where you get rewarded for Just Buying More Stuff, it’s a handy reminder whilst we’re not at work of the rewards that capitalism provides for exploiting nature. Anyway. In the game you can create little 32×32 artworks which you can display on easels, or floors ...

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Art detail

13 June, 2019 - 146 words
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the best film I’ve seen in the last six months. It’s imaginative, exciting, funny and constantly visually inventive. If that wasn’t enough, the artists have posted a slew of content about little details in the film (which Simon Willison

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