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RSS for fun and the public good

11 March, 2024 - 258 words
I follow Steve Messer’s blog – he’s a product manager in the UK Civil Service, making land and housing data easier to find, use and trust. And he writes weeknotes which I enjoy reading. He mentioned this week that his team’s blog doesn’t prod...

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Retrieve an Atom feed in .NET Core

12 October, 2015 - 168 words
After yesterday’s adventure and recent forehead-smacking, this seemed like an appropriate, and small, goal. After some Googling I found RestSharp, which bills itself as a Simple REST and HTTP API Client for .NET

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Online ebook catalogs in Atom

03 May, 2010 - 323 words
As I recently wrote, I have a new-found interest in ebooks (I also bought four new textbooks from O’Reilly using a BOGOF offer to pick up 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know, Beautiful Code and The Art of Agile Development). I mainly rea...

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Parsing Atom with libxml2

26 November, 2007 - 203 words
Whilst trying to parse some Atom (my Blogger backup) with libxml2 I appear to have run into the same problem that Aristotle hit two years ago in XPath vs the default namespace: easy things should be easy, to wit: The story is that you can’t match on the default namespace in XPath.

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