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Attention is finite

12 June, 2007 - 54 words
We are reaching a point where the number of inputs we have as individuals is beginning to exceed what we are capable as humans of managing. I tried to write a comment on Steve’s blog about this but I couldn’t think of anything that didn’t equate to “no, you’re just years behind everyone else”.

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Making a lifestream useful

19 May, 2007 - 288 words
A few months ago I slated Jeremy’s lifestream, because it’s a single point-per-person summary of activity – and in particular my own activity which I already know all about. So, having spoken to Jeremy briefly at XTech, and assuming that I don’t have a proper

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Digital Lifestyle Aggregation vs. Personal Aggregation

07 March, 2007 - 340 words
Following up on my Personal Aggregator (lifestream) dissing of the other day, here’s what I’d prefer to see (I should note that none of these ideas are original, and for most of my audience probably hark back to 2001): Humans are interested in conversation

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