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Finding out how to write

16 April, 2024 - 409 words
Posting to a statically-generated site is theoretically easy - it's just a file on your desktop after all. But whilst the words are easy, it's also easy to mess up the metadata, and wouldn't it be nicer to get it right in one shot? After all, the ideal for writing on your blog is hit the keyboard with your fingers until your point is made and hit "send".

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WordPress is gone, static site blogging with Zola is here

15 April, 2024 - 295 words
The move is finally done and sometime last week I switched my blog over to a statically-generated site powered by Zola. This is the first post I’ve written directly into Zola. In a month’s time I’ll have been writing this blog for 22 yea...

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Web publishing for yourself

17 March, 2024 - 504 words
“This paper lays out a unified framework of the ergodic animage, the rule-based and interaction driven part of visual representation in video games” I do sometimes wonder if other people browse the web in the same way that I do. I was followi...

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Keep Posting

27 June, 2011 - 157 words
Pete has some good advice for writing a blog that lasts: Keep Posting. I should post more, but I’m frequently paralysed by choice. I’m a software dev manager, so I’m interested in down-in-the-mud-coding, software quality, personal and team productivity, agile techniques, web analytics, business value and return on investme...

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