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How to restore a deleted Twitter video using your Firefox cache

07 July, 2021 - 527 words
Caveats: You must have used your computer to view the Twitter video, not a phone or tablet! I used the process below on Windows, but similar approaches will apply on Mac and Linux and to Google Chrome. Earlier today someone I follow on Twitter posted a video which they subsequently deleted. I liked the video and wanted to share it, but it was gone! Of course, browsers cache most w...

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Permanently disable push notifications in Firefox

06 March, 2018 - 44 words
Go to about:config Look for: dom.webnotifications.enabled and set its value to ‘false’. This will completely disable push notifications and Firefox won’t ask your permission again. Source: How can I suppress web push requests for all websites?

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Keeping up with the lizards

19 November, 2008 - 131 words
It used to be the case that I pored over Mozilla (and later Firefox) release notes. But I stopped sometime in 2004, around the point when I accepted that XUL development was too hard to be doing in my spare time and yes, Firefox was clearly better than IE at just about everything. This means that I now miss all the cool announcements

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Firefox location bar doesn't work under Ubuntu

06 May, 2007 - 168 words
Some of the shortcut keys for Firefox on Ubuntu are different to those on Windows. The most pertinent one for me is that the <backspace> key as a shortcut for clicking the “Back” button has been disabled. This is easily fixed in about:config by changing the value of browser.backspace_action to 0. The most annoying however is the one which appears to have no fix, and fo...

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Things I can't do in Firefox without using a mouse

14 March, 2007 - 48 words
turn Greasemonkey on and off tab out of Flash widgets (can tab into them, but then can’t get back out to the page again) Rather astonishingly, for the things I want to do frequently, that might be it. Nevertheless the Flash thing catches me out every single day.

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