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Stop yourself from committing to master with git hooks

03 April, 2019 - 350 words
This is based on the excellent work of Aaron Hoffman which he’s written up here. This process adds two git hooks to your repositories which prevent you from committing or pushing to a branch named master. Add directories Git hooks liv...

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Configuring get_iplayer

24 March, 2013 - 78 words
There are lots of ways of setting up get_iplayer. Here’s mine. It means that filenames work across Windows and Linux, removes underscores from names, never deletes old e...

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How to push to two servers at once with git

05 July, 2010 - 308 words
As I said this time last year, I dislike the idea of people using a decentralised version control system to centralise their code. This means that some of my code sits in Bazaar on my server, some in Git on my server, and some in github. I’m not keen on this situation, and given that gith...

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Github worries me

18 July, 2009 - 290 words
I’m not that keen on git (for mostly aesthetic reasons although I suspect I’ll have to get over this soon), and github makes me jump through a couple of hoops too many to get up and running for the first time, but those aren’t th...

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Bazaar and Git

05 March, 2009 - 242 words
I’ve had cause to use both Bazaar and Git recently, which are very similar to one another and both of which I quite like. Git seems slightly slicker, and gives me nicely colourised output, which I’m a sucker for. Then of course there’s GitHub, which is a very appealing way of easily pub...

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Disable system bell in msys

08 February, 2009 - 148 words
I am using Git on the command line in Windows via msysgit. As with all msys installs whenever you press backspace and there is no more text to delete or you press TAB for auto-complete when there are multiple options, your speaker utters an horrendous, ugly beep. To disable this, load msys and find o...

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