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mdtable-pretty-printer is a plugin for Inkdrop

10 February, 2024 - 176 words
mdtable-pretty-printer is a plugin for Inkdrop which tidies markdown tables in your notes. This is the first plugin I’ve written for Inkdrop, and was an interesting experience. Plugins are written in JavaScript, which I don’t write a lot of, and follow React-based patterns which I’m...

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Keeping up with the lizards

19 November, 2008 - 131 words
It used to be the case that I pored over Mozilla (and later Firefox) release notes. But I stopped sometime in 2004, around the point when I accepted that XUL development was too hard to be doing in my spare time and yes, Firefox was clearly better than IE at just about everything. This means that I now miss all the cool announcements

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Javascript textile previews

30 June, 2004 - 95 words
After my original post about it, it’d probably be good to point out that Jeff Minard has taken the idea and run with it, introducing h tag support br tag support proper html syntax (a few tags were being closed incorrectly.) Various small fixes

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