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Kindle browsing

07 October, 2011 - 185 words
The Kindle Touch 3G is the only new Kindle with 3G available and you won’...

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Keep Posting

27 June, 2011 - 157 words
Pete has some good advice for writing a blog that lasts: Keep Posting. I should post more, but I’m frequently paralysed by choice. I’m a software dev manager, so I’m interested in down-in-the-mud-coding, software quality, personal and team productivity, agile techniques, web analytics, business value and return on investme...

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The conversation of 'readme'

05 May, 2011 - 133 words
It used to be that when I found an article that was too long to read there and then, I would add it to delicious, tag it as ‘readme’, and hope that one day I would get around to it. These days I just click my Kindlebility bookmarklet and read the article next time I’m on the bus or train, but...

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05 February, 2011 - 273 words
In my attempts to find better ways of getting long-form content onto my Kindle to read offline, I’ve mainly been using two tools: Instapaper and the Later On Kindle Chrome extension. Instapaper has great formatting, and repeated delivery works like a new iss...

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Getting your words to my kindle

17 January, 2011 - 297 words
Nathan and Tim both made a sensible comment on my “Readme” post – Instapaper supports daily delivery of unread articles directly to a kindle – use that! This is a great idea; I’ve started using it and it works very well. But this means that I’m using Google Reader to do my aggregation, and...

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Hacker Monthly workflow

02 January, 2011 - 211 words
I got a Kindle for Christmas, and I subscribe to Hacker Monthly. HM is provided in PDF, epub and .mobi – the Kindle can read .mobi file natively, so when the latest HM arrived today I was keen to try it out. A link to the latest download is delivered by email, so the normal workflow for viewing the PDF is like this: receive email ...

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