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Make it easy to write objectives

04 February, 2023 - 333 words
I have never worked with a software developer who enjoyed writing their quarterly or annual objectives. Most had been previously burned out by laborious processes which either meant two objectives take hours to write, or they’re easy to write but vague enough that they take hours to evidence every 3 months. In some cases they’ve even had objectives in which they had no say because they w...

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Time management resolution

29 January, 2023 - 189 words
I don’t do resolutions, but I have changed how I approach something at work for this year, and so I guess that counts, right? I now have regular blocks of time in my calendar marked out as “Busy. Any meetings added in this time will be declined.”. This was after I realised I had multiple days in a week where in 7 hours I was doing a dozen or more meetings and was feeling totally burnt ou...

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Management material

17 March, 2014 - 387 words
So, despite my sterling attempt to delude myself last year it’s been years since I’ve been a developer rather than a manager, and it was about the time of this change in my role that this blog started to die out. All I have now are opinions and guidance, which the internet is far too full of for me to want to add to (plus I am stil...

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Being a good developer

24 June, 2008 - 304 words
In my last appraisal at work I got asked what I thought makes a good developer. I didn’t give a very good answer, mumbling something about keeping up with current developments, reading around the subject, always trying to improve themselves, comparing yourself to other people and so on. It turns out that in the last few weeks some people have attempted to answer this question for me....

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27 March, 2008 - 373 words
With wxVenus, I wanted to set up a public butracker. I wanted to avoid Google Code because of my recent account problems. At a previous company we used FogBUGZ and the deve...

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