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09 October, 2011 - 27 words
I think I would pay good money for a downloadable version of Huey Morgan’s 6Music Sunday show without the news/audience participation etc.

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What’s playing now on BBC 6music?

29 July, 2010 - 173 words
I don’t know how to add a link to the Amazon MP3 store for a given song. If I did then I would add that to and its purpose of letting me easily find out what song is currently playing and then buying it, would be complete. As it is...

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The new model of buying music

21 July, 2010 - 126 words
My phone runs an app that idenitifies the song that is currently playing on the radio and an app to then buy and download that song, or the album it’s from. The two are seamlessly linked. I am probably late to this, but listening to 6music whilst I have both Shazam and the

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Papercamp and music

18 January, 2009 - 159 words
Jeremy’s written a great roundup of Papercamp, which I wasn’t able to get to. Amongst other things, he says this: everyone gathers around a laptop for a demo from Durrell Bishop and Tom Hulbert from Luckybite. They have a printed book based on their music collection. Each pa...

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Listening to podcasts

03 January, 2008 - 376 words
I do not listen to many podcasts. This is mainly because I used to have trouble syncing a subscription list across multiple PCs. Now I have a Nokia N95 I use that as my primary client. It works well and I have started adding some feeds. I don’t listen to music podcasts though – I’ve tried and they are almost always too...

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