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Importing Nokia podcast subscriptions into Google Reader

03 December, 2009 - 268 words
Exporting the list of podcasts load the podcasting application, mark all items and hit “send -> bluetooth”. Contrary to what you might expect, this will send an OPML file listing your subscriptions to your PC Edit the list ready for import Open your new Podcasting.opml file in ...

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Upgrade Nokia N95 to v20 firmware

25 February, 2008 - 983 words
After waiting for ages, I have just upgraded my 3-branded N95 (3 are a UK provider) to an unbranded v20 firmware. I think this means I’ve lost some of the X-Series stuff that 3 bundled, but I never used any of it, so I don’t really care.

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Nokia N95 assessment

27 November, 2007 - 953 words
I got a first-generation Nokia N95 two months ago. The Gadget Show rated it better than the iPhone in pure functi...

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