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Take note of Inkdrop

19 July, 2019 - 471 words
Note-taking is a tricky business, especially if you want to be able to easily read and edit them on multiple devices. The things I want to be able to do sounds easy enough: simple Markdown editing, backed by Dropbox, with full-text search, on desktop and mobile. The desktop part of this is easy enough – hello Notepad! For year...

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Needing notes

28 June, 2011 - 126 words
Whilst I’m thinking about all these different topics that I’m interested in, can anyone help? I’m in the market for a new desktop note-taking tool. It must start up in <3 seconds and save each note as a standalone text file, using some form of text-based notation (like wiki, textile or markdown). If that didn’t eliminate en...

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