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Logging database content changes in a Play Framework app

20 June, 2012 - 391 words
To do this we use Hibernate Envers. There are 3 easy steps to adding change logging to the data in your existing Play Framework app (I am using 1.2.4 – version 2 may well be different): Add the library Add the standard configuration Add an annotation to each cl...

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Setting up the Play framework on Google App Engine

14 December, 2009 - 282 words
The Play framework is the most fun I’ve had developing Java web applications. It’s fast, natural, comes with a rails-like scaffolding for CRUD operations on your model, has built-in Selenium testing as well as unit and f...

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Java makes me passionate

20 November, 2008 - 767 words
Seriously. I really like Java, it’s a fundamentally great language. Verbose at times, but great. However, web application development in Java is painful. Additionally, the compilation and deployment of Java webapps completely suck. I mean, they’re terrible. I dread to think how many frameworks exist in Java to ease web app development – each one claiming it...

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