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Estimating is good for your health

21 October, 2015 - 356 words
Matt Jukes has written a post called Don’t do Agile. Be agile. Or something. where he describes how estimating stories has not worked for them at the Office of National Statistics. I think there is a more important...

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What is Scrum?

16 March, 2011 - 124 words
A first-pass set of definitions, in increasing order of cynicism: Scrum is a methodology designed to help an organisation deliver a product every few weeks rather than every few years. Scrum is a set of rituals intended to prevent motivated, clever people from becoming cowboy...

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Scrum in web teams – an apology

21 September, 2010 - 157 words
A few months ago at the Institutional Web Manager’s Workshop I helped run a session on PRINCE2 and Scrum with Peter Barnes from the University of Reading. I was terrible. At the start of the session we collected several common problems that people face on their projects....

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