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Web publishing for yourself

17 March, 2024 - 504 words
“This paper lays out a unified framework of the ergodic animage, the rule-based and interaction driven part of visual representation in video games” I do sometimes wonder if other people browse the web in the same way that I do. I was followi...

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Hosting your own calendar and contacts directory

26 March, 2013 - 78 words
Apparently there is a thing called ownCloud which lets you run, amongst other things, a calendar server and a contact directory, both of which will sync with your android phone and here is a writeup of doing just that. I’ve not tried it yet, but any option to prise the dat...

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Aggregating people

28 April, 2008 - 414 words
A number of different things have come together for me today, this post titled Is there a need for New Newsreader?, Zeldman’s post about distributed content and Kent brewster’s FOAFster which l...

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