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Samsung TV SDK - setting your project path

25 March, 2012 - 175 words
I have a Samsung Smart TV which means I can write apps for it. The SDK you can download is really a visual editor and a shorcut to launching the emulator – the apps themselves are mostly written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It comes with jQuery, and all-in-all is surprisingly acceptable. The biggest problem is that your projects must l...

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Devices in my house running WebKit

25 March, 2012 - 61 words
Android phone Android tablet iPod touch iPhone iPad 2 x laptop (Windows Vista) desktop (Ubuntu) TV (Samsung) The browser in my Nintendo DSlite and 3DS is Opera. I don’t use the desktop version of Google Talk, nor Windows Media Player so my most frequent exposure to Trident is probably via Skype. I almost f...

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