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php-fastcgi woe in blogland

16 January, 2011 - 203 words
At the end of last week I upgraded my server from Ubuntu Intrepid to Jaunty (and have since gone all the way up to Lucid, a process that was not as simple as I would have liked). As far as I could tell, everything had gone smoothly, but my blog was unavailable (which I discovered very quickly thanks to the automated Pingdom emails). My blog runs on php-fastcgi b...

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NewsGator + Venus?

09 March, 2009 - 325 words
I recently broke the graphics drivers on my Windows Vista installation, so re-partitioned and now run Ubuntu full-time at home. On Windows I use FeedDemon as my full-time aggregator. It has a degree of speed and polish unmatched by any other web or desktop aggregator. This means that all my feeds are automat...

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Using GAlternatives is fun, tasty

24 June, 2007 - 152 words
![G Alternatives screenshot]( Alternatives_small.png) If you’ve got a raw Ubuntu box it probably came with gij, the GNU Java runtime interpreter. If you’ve installed Sun’s JDK using sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk then you’ll now have Sun’s runtime but gi...

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Post to Twitter from Ubuntu Deskbar

19 March, 2007 - 296 words
Deskbar is a Gnome widget you can embed in a panel and can be used for opening applications, opening items from your browser history, doing web searches and all sorts. It’s not as good as Quicksilver but better than Launchy. It fires when you hit a key combo (mine is CTRL+SPACE) and loo...

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