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Guestbook beauty

24 May, 2024 - 106 words
Eva Decker has an incredible guestbook. Not only does it look wonderful but she's also

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OpenID usability

05 October, 2008 - 68 words
People complain a lot that users don’t understand about OpenID logins booting them to another website to authenticate. Don’t Google already do this with Blogger and Yahoo with Flickr? That is to say: don’t tens of millions of people do this regularly already? I mean, what’s the big difference? I know there are other usability complaints/problems, but this one sounds eerily like a ...

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Symbian to go open source

24 June, 2008 - 483 words
Nokia have said that once they own the controlling stake (or all) of Symbian, they’ll make it open source within two years under the Eclipse license (see

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Vista sidebar is annoying

28 January, 2008 - 191 words
The Windows Vista sidebar has two display methods: Always there – in the mode it blocks up a couple of inches at the right-hand edge of the screen and all your applications be...

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