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Pentaho problems

07 June, 2018 - 299 words
I am finding myself using a lot of Pentaho Data Integration at the moment. It’s a good, powerful, tool, but my god does it have some annoyances. It’s a drag and drop tool that allows you to process massive amounts of data in parallel, without needing to be an almight...

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Accesskeys that aren't

31 August, 2007 - 175 words
My work webmail is provided by IMP. This bit is wildly wrong but is what I saw for a variety of Greasemonkey-related reasons. Like Gmail it provides keyboard shortcuts for just about everything you might want to do with an email. Unfortunately,

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Wiki or facebook? Decision decisions.

27 August, 2007 - 235 words
Loads of people in my office have a Wii. Being British, this is a terribly amusing state of affairs. I was considering setting up a space on our work wiki where we could jot down our friend codes, games we’ve got, would recommend, release schedules, etc. (or just link to external resources – the world always needs another clearing-house, rig...

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Firefox location bar doesn't work under Ubuntu

06 May, 2007 - 168 words
Some of the shortcut keys for Firefox on Ubuntu are different to those on Windows. The most pertinent one for me is that the <backspace> key as a shortcut for clicking the “Back” button has been disabled. This is easily fixed in about:config by changing the value of browser.backspace_action to 0. The most annoying however is the one which appears to have no fix, and fo...

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The Odeon are still incompetent

27 April, 2007 - 78 words
From Odeon: when will they learn?: Let’s make this clear: whoever is in charge of the Odeon website is an utter incompetent. Because of their atrocious booking system this will be my first visit in years. With the thought that I might have to use their website again, it will also be my last...

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IE7, an impartial review

11 March, 2007 - 371 words
My wife is a computer pragmatist. She’s tech-literate, and thinks that Linux and Firefox can fuck off because they’ll stop her from using the applications and websites she wants to. So it was a wry grin that greeted her the day she came home and told me that her workplace has installed IE7 on their PCs. The follow...

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