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Unpause and record

04 September, 2021 - 317 words
After finishing a year-long stint working for the Government Digital Service to deliver support to people during the worst of the pandemic, I took a month off.

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Change the world

27 May, 2011 - 58 words
I work in Higher Education in the UK. Every day I see enterprisey systems which are awful, terrible, unfriendly, unusable, behemoths. The market for each niche system is more or less a monopoly. The market is prime for smaller, more agile, more user-friendly systems to come in and destroy them. Please, somebody just kill off these dinosaurs.

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Working processes

05 May, 2007 - 82 words
What we’re trying to do at work: test-driven development pair programming implementation docs on the wiki code coverage stats (with cobertura) regularly generated via… continuous integration (at the moment with

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