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Yaffle - a toy RSS reader for Yarr

07 June, 2024 - 305 words
I spent some time in April and May making a toy cross-platform desktop RSS reader which uses Yarr as its backend. It's called Yaffle. It looks like this on Windows: It's absolu...

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HTML rendering is hard

20 April, 2009 - 187 words
wxWidgets is a nice, easy-to-use cross platform toolkit for writing desktop applications. It exists for many different languages including Ruby and Python. It includes an HTML renderer. On Windows this ...

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NewsGator + Venus?

09 March, 2009 - 325 words
I recently broke the graphics drivers on my Windows Vista installation, so re-partitioned and now run Ubuntu full-time at home. On Windows I use FeedDemon as my full-time aggregator. It has a degree of speed and polish unmatched by any other web or desktop aggregator. This means that all my feeds are automat...

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