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Hilarious blog editing malarky

17 April, 2024 - 98 words
So after titling the last post "Finding out how to write", it turns out I broke just about every single link in it by writing in one tool, pasting into another, not checking it had pasted in OK and then hitting "send". Excellent work Phil, good job.

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Finding out how to write

16 April, 2024 - 409 words
Posting to a statically-generated site is theoretically easy - it's just a file on your desktop after all. But whilst the words are easy, it's also easy to mess up the metadata, and wouldn't it be nicer to get it right in one shot? After all, the ideal for writing on your blog is hit the keyboard with your fingers until your point is made and hit "send".

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WordPress is gone, static site blogging with Zola is here

15 April, 2024 - 295 words
The move is finally done and sometime last week I switched my blog over to a statically-generated site powered by Zola. This is the first post I’ve written directly into Zola. In a month’s time I’ll have been writing this blog for 22 yea...

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Week 19: Brightening

25 February, 2021 - 138 words
There is blossom on trees! There are primroses in the garden! At last, life! I am making very, very slow progress in getting my blog moved over to Zola. Maybe an hour a week is not enough? I hit 1000 continuous days of entries to Daylio. It has worked perfectly as a sort of daily personal blog, and I think I’ll have to explore t...

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